Daytona Hopup Rubber Bucking (Standard Nub / Improved Flat Bucking)
***We ship internationally***   Standard Bucking: Replacement bucking for your DG system. Made of 70 Dura Synthetic rubber.   Improved Flat Hopup Bucking: Improved tunnel design for better consistency. Hard-stop lip to help secure BB from over travelling. Flat bucking to...
Daytona O-Ring Repair Kit
***We ship Internationally*** Replacement o-ring set for fixing your seals. The kit comes with 9 o-rings.   x1 2mm x 1mm x1 2x1.5mm x1 5x1.5mm x4 id 5.8mm x wd 1.9mm x2 9.3x2.4 mm
Daytona Reinforced POM Airshaft Crush Ring
***We ship Internationally*** Price is for 1 crush ring. Reinforced crush ring for your DG system. Properly machined from one piece of POM rod, significantly increased durability. Made of Polyoxymethylene ->
Daytona Reinforced Airshaft Spring (2020 Gen 3 Version)
***We ship Internationally*** Gen 3 airshaft spring set offers better buffering for your DG, which improves cycling smoothness, cushioning effect, and reduces wear and tear on your airshaft and bolt tank. Steel spring plus linear design ensures excellent cycling every...
from $4.95
Daytona Replacement Screws Set
Each set contains a sufficient number of screws to replace all screws on single Daytona Kit. Screw Spec: 10x M4x4 SetScrews (Hopup Chamber and Airshaft Collar) 1x M5x5 SetScrew cup tip (Hopup Adjustment Hole)  1x M5x5 SetScrew flat tip (for rHop) 1x M3x6 SetScrews (trigger mod)...
Daytona Reinforced Airshaft (w/ POM Crush Ring)
**Build to order** Item may take approximately 10 ~ 15 business days to prepare and ship. Replacement reinforced airshaft for your Daytona kit. Please select which kit you are using under the option section. Shaft comes with complete airshaft spring and POM...
Daytona Gun Air Line (With Fitting)
***We ship internationally*** Replacement hose for your DG system. The price is for 1 line.
Daytona Hopup Barrel C-Clip (12.4mm / 12.9mm)
***We ship Internationally*** **Build to order** The item may take approximately 10 ~ 15 business days to prepare and ship. Stock steel C-clip for Daytona Hopup chamber. Serves as a lock on the inner barrel.  Price is for 1 piece...
Daytona Gun Trigger Sear (Stock / Trigger Mod Installed)
Trigger mod: Maximizes the trigger pull by tapping a small M3 screw into the trigger sear. This upgrade eliminates the difference of air output between semi- and full-auto fire. It also helps with the trigger response. Adjust your M3 until both...
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