Daytona Hopup Barrel C-Clip (12.4mm / 12.9mm)

Daytona Airsoft
Parts & Upgrades

Stock steel C-clip for Daytona Hopup chamber. Serves as a lock on the inner barrel. 

The price is for one piece

12.4mm for the following kits:

  • WE MSK
  • WE M4

12.9mm for the following kits:

  • VFC M27 IAR
  • Ares M110 SASS
  • A&K/Echo1 M240
  • A&K M249/MK46
  • A&K M60/Mk43
  • A&K PKM
  • LCT AK 

Other kits do not use C-clips but friction barrel rings.

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Daytona Hopup Barrel C-Clip (12.4mm / 12.9mm)
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