Daytona Hopup Rubber (Standard Bucking / Flat Bucking)
***We ship internationally***   Price is for ONE bucking. Standard Bucking: Replacement bucking for your DG system. Made of 70 Dura Synthetic rubber. Optimized for full-auto fire.   Flat Hopup Bucking (Improved): Improved tunnel design for better rhop consistency on...
Daytona Flat Tip Hopup Screw (Metal Tip / Rubber Tip)
Soft rubber tip screw (chrome body with rubber tip): -Provides more consistent contact area via soft rubber tip. -Significantly reduces the chance of over-adjusting and tear through the hopup bucking. -Improves hopup performance on both standard DG bucking or rHop patch. One...
from $3.95
Daytona O-Ring Repair Kit
***We ship Internationally*** Replacement o-ring set for fixing your seals. The kit comes with 9 o-rings.   ID x WD (x1) 2 x 1mm (x1) 2 x 1.5mm (x1) 5 x 1.5mm (x4) 5.8 x 1.9mm (x2) 9.3 x 2.4mm
Daytona Improved Reap Hopup Rubber Bucking
Do NOT boil this rubber!!!! Improved Reap nub design for better consistency (drop-in bucking). Provides similar performance as rHop mods for DG systems. Hard-stop lip to prevent BBs from over-travel.  Optional brass holding ring included for use if BBs roll/drop out *Plunger...
Daytona Gun In-grip Line (DGIL)
**The DGIL is not compatible with the LMG-series Daytona Gun kits.** Daytona Gun In-grip Line (DGIL) is a replacement and upgrade for the standard 6mm pneumatic hose included with the Daytona Gun kits. It offers extra protection for the line and increases airflow through...
Daytona Reinforced POM Airshaft Crush Ring
The price is for one crush ring. Reinforced crush ring for your DG system. Properly machined from one piece of POM rod, significantly increased durability.  
Daytona Plunger Spring
Steel replacement compression spring for plunger spring mod. Price for 1 spring.  
Daytona Reinforced Airshaft Spring (2020 Gen 3 Version)
Gen 3 airshaft spring offers better buffering for your DG, which improves cycling smoothness, and cushioning effect, and reduces wear and tear on your airshaft and bolt tank. Steel spring with linear design ensures excellent cycling every time.  
from $4.95
Daytona Reinforced Gen 2 Low Power Airshaft (w/ POM Ring)
**Build to order** *Only ONE (1) airshaft included* Item may take approximately 10 ~ 15 business days to prepare and ship. Gen. 2 Low Power airshaft for your Daytona kit. Please specify which kit you are using under the options section....
Daytona Replacement Screw Set
Each set contains a sufficient number of screws to replace all screws on single Daytona Kit. Screw Spec: 10x M4x4 SetScrews (Hopup Chamber and Airshaft Collar) 1x M5x5 SetScrew cup tip (Hopup Adjustment Hole)  1x M5x5 SetScrew metal flat tip (for rHop) 1x M3x6 SetScrews (trigger...
Daytona Plunger/Airshaft Shims Set (1mm Brass / Steel)
Spacers between the plunger and hopup unit.  Able to fix or improve some DG builds with BB placement issues.
Daytona Reinforced Airshaft (w/ POM Crush Ring)
**Build to order** Item may take approximately 10 ~ 15 business days to prepare and ship. Replacement reinforced airshaft for your Daytona kit. Please select which kit you are using under the options section. The shaft comes with a complete airshaft spring...
Daytona Gun Air Line (With Fitting)
Replacement air hose for your DG system. The price is for 1 line.
Daytona Brass Barrel Ring (12.4mm / 12.9mm / Friction Ring)
Friction fit ring WE Scar-L WE Scar-H WE PDW CA G36 CA FAL/SA58 G&P WOC M4 (also compatible with 12.9mm barrel ring) VFC MP5 ZINC BODY 12.4mm c-clip ring WE M4 WE MSK 12.9mm c-clip ring G&P WOC M4 VFC...
from $14.95
Daytona Complete Hopup Chamber/Unit Set
Daytona Gun OEM hopup unit replacement. Please allow 10 - 15 business days to process your order.  Made of machined brass, steel, and aluminum. The set comes with: hopup chamber, barrel ring, feed tube, and standard hopup rubber.
from $114.95
Daytona High ROF Recoil Spring
**Build to order** Item may take approximately 10 ~ 15 business days to prepare and ship. Extended length & strength spring for Daytona gun system. Increases ROF by increasing cycle speed. All kits with reinforced airshafts will handle high ROF recoil...
Daytona Hopup Barrel C-Clip (12.4mm / 12.9mm)
Stock steel C-clip for Daytona Hopup chamber. Serves as a lock on the inner barrel.  The price is for one piece 12.4mm for the following kits: WE MSK WE M4 12.9mm for the following kits: VFC M27 IAR Ares M110...
PDI 6.05mm AEG SUS304 Steel Inner Barrel (208mm - 554mm)
PDI 6.05mm precision barrels are made of cold hammer forged SUS304 stainless steel. They are among the highest quality barrels available for airsoft. They are made in Japan with extremely tight bore tolerances of +- 0.002mm. For AEG/ Tokyo Marui...
from $99.95
Daytona Trigger Sear (Trigger Mod Installed)
DG trigger sear with trigger mode pre-installed for adjusting your trigger pull. All kits manufactured after 2018 come with trigger mod pre-installed.
Daytona Brass Bolt Tank Set
Built to order. Lead time: 15 - 20 Business Days.  OEM bolt tank made of machined brass. the set comes with one bolt tank, one bolt tank screw, and a plunger.
Daytona G&P WOC/WA Kit Replacement Parts
***We ship internationally*** **Build to order** Item may take approximately 10 ~ 15 business days to prepare and ship. Contact us for the parts you need. Check the below photos for parts list reference.   
from $19.95
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