Daytona VFC Colt M4 Complete Gun (With Colt trademark)

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***We ship internationally***

Before ordering complete gun, contact us to check availability.

The project requires 10 - 15 business days to finish upon received all parts and donor body.

Basic Installation & Tuning:

  • Completely built up with all the necessary machining.
  • Hopup Adjustment hole has been precisely drilled(LMGs excepted).
  • Trigger mod built for pull adjustment & maximizing airflow (LMGs excepted).
  • POM Crush ring installed for maximizing durability.
  • Quick Disconnector fitting included.

Option (in Addition to Basic Installation) Complete Upgrade & Tuning:

  • Fine tuning for optimizing trigger pull and cycle smoothness.

  • PDI Cold Hammer Forged Steel 6.05mm Barrel with rhop for even better accuracy and long-lasting performance. Flat tip hopup screw included.

  • We will include a PTS EPG grip to allow AR-15/m4 System to use grip line option.

Range test:

Stress Test:

***We ship Internationally*** 

The Daytona Gun Airsoft kit means you can have even more recoil, louder sound than GBB system, and increased range like fusion engine, without spending a fortune on GBBR mags. It requires around 2000-3000 bb break-in period where a small number of fliers and chopping of bbs may occur. This is normal while the system is breaking in.

You are required to install an AEG barrel made of either brass or steel. Never use aluminum barrel since it will be bent by hop up set screws.You also need to prepare an HPA tank and Redline regulator with single QD disconnector wide bore air line. Safe operating pressure will be from 75 - 130PSI. Adjust Pressure to control power, rate of fire and recoil. 

During the break-in period, please keep lubing your gun with getsome 1000 lubricant. Only use the BBs that you use daily for break-in, never cheap out. G&G, Madbull, Green Devils and HPA BBs are tested to be fit well in Daytona Airsoft system.  Once all your shots are consistent you can turn on the hop up bit by bit(1/8 turn each time) until you reach your designated hopup force.

Low Power Modification Required(sub 320fps w/ 0.2gBB)?

Check our Low Power Airshaft:


Or Purchase Low Power Modification Service to modify your Kit / Gun:


Installation Guide & Tuning Guide Please Go to:



DaytonaAirsoft will allow Domestic customers to return products within two weeks of purchase or delivery date if the products are still in brand new condition with the original packaging. International Order will not be eligible for any kinds of exchange/store credit refund unless DOA has occurred. Purchases older than two weeks are not eligible. We do not offer refunds, but we can give store credit or an exchange subject to a 15% restocking fee. There is no warranty and we do not accept returns or exchanges for items on clearance or sold through a special event.

If you would like a return or exchange, please contact us via phone, email, or Facebook. We must first approve of the return or exchange, and then we will provide shipping instructions. The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling fees on return merchandise.

Products that are defective within 48 hours of purchase or delivery are considered dead on arrival (DoA). DoA items are subject to the same rules dictated above, however, Daytona Airsoft will cover shipping fees both ways. Daytona will not be held accountable for damage incurred during transit to our store.


Prior to shipment of your order, you may cancel your order at any time by emailing us at Please note your order is not cancelled until a cancellation confirmation is sent via email. Orders that have already been shipped cannot be canceled.

We reserve the right to cancel an order without prior notice.

Please ensure that your payment information is correct to avoid unexpected delays or order cancellations. Please review your order information.

-Credit Card information: Number, Expiration Date, CVC Code

-Billing information must match that provided by your financial institution

-Complete address information

-There will be a 10% restocking fee on orders canceled after they have been packed, shipping fees are non-refundable.


Daytona Gun HPA Kit 180 Days Limited Warranty

Your Daytona Gun Airsoft Kit carries a 180 days limited warranty which covers defects in manufacturing and material for the first 180 days from the date of purchase. Daytonagun Airsoft will repair or replace any defective parts at their discretion. This warranty is non-transferrable.

In order to be eligible for warranty service, the unit must be presented with original bill of sale or receipt. This warranty does not cover damage due to user errors includes but not limited to misuse/abuse of the system, improper installation, or operating the Daytona Gun outside of the manufacturer's specified operating range. For example, operating the system on over 130psi, no sufficient lubrication, etc

Not covered by this warranty are:

--Crush Ring ,shaft Spring & Hopup Bucking

--Normal Parts wear and tear

--Acts of God

--Component modifications not performed by Authorized Daytona Gun Dealer

Buyers outside of the Canada will be responsible for any and all duties, fees, and taxes for the products they order.

Warranty claims should be brought in writing to Daytonagun Airsoft , Canada at, with proof of purchasing.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ship the kit to Daytonagun Airsoft at the customer's expense for warranty repair/replacement. Return shipping to the customer will be provided by Daytonagun Airsoft, Canada, via CanadaPost Service, HK Postal Service or other courier at Daytonagun Airsoft's discretion. Standard time for warranty return shipments is generally 2-7 business days for domestic (Canada) and up to 15 days for international shipments depending on your country's customs agency.

International customers may be directed to ship their units to an authorized service dealer within their country or region instead of shipping to our facilities in the Canada or Hong Kong.

Daytonagun Airsoft Reserves the Rights for Final Explanation.

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