Rhopped* PDI Sus304 Forged Steel 6.05mm Barrel (229mm - 554mm)

PDI Japan
Parts & Upgrades

**Build to order**

Item may take approximately 10 ~ 15 business days to prepare and ship.

*Rhop Work done by Z Custom Airsoft Work.

Pre-rhopped PDI Barrel set. Achieving even better accuracy/grouping from PDI barrel.

Package Option contains:

1x rHopped PDI Barrel

1x DG Flat Hopup Rubber

1x DG Plunger Spring

1x DG Flat Tip Hopup Screw 

Plunger Spring Mod

The plunger spring mod aims to improve performance for rHopped barrel groups.
It prevents squibs which can affect BB placement inside the barrel and hopup chamber by resetting the the plunger before the bolt returns to battery.
It is recommended to pair a flat hop bucking with this mod.
Installation Guide:
Shooting Video:

Special thanks to Z Custom for contributing this resolution.

PDI Barrels

Precision inner barrels from PDI are very precisely made with great tolerance, they are one of the best-made barrels on the market. These are for serious tuners who want the best of the best performance out of their guns.

internal diameter is 6.05mm. 
Made of SUS304 Cold Hammer Forged Stainless steel.
Inner diameter is 6.05 mm. It is slightly tighter than a standard inner barrel.

PDI barrels have a tolerance of ±0.002mm,  compared to other common barrels' ±0.02 - 0.04mm deviation.
(This stands for the highest standard of airsoft industry).

For use on Daytona Gun systems to guarantee the best performance and long-lasting durability.

They also work for standard AEG. 

Inner Diameter:6.05mm +-0.002mm
Outer Diameter:8.55mm

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Rhopped* PDI Sus304 Forged Steel 6.05mm Barrel (229mm - 554mm)
208mm / rHopped barrel Only - $179.95
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