Daytona Flat Tip Hopup Screw (Metal Tip / Rubber Tip)

Daytona Airsoft
Parts & Upgrades

Soft rubber tip screw (chrome body with rubber tip):

-Provides more consistent contact area via soft rubber tip.

-Significantly reduces the chance of over-adjusting and tear through the hopup bucking.

-Improves hopup performance on both standard DG bucking or rHop patch.

One piece screw with rubber insert.

Made in Europe


Metal tip screw (Black body):

-The tip of the screw has been machined to a flat surface.

-Improves hopup performance on Reap bucking or rHop via larger contact surface.

Made in the USA


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Daytona Flat Tip Hopup Screw (Metal Tip / Rubber Tip)
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