Daytona Low Power Airshaft Conversion

Daytona Airsoft

Converts your standard airshaft to low power airshaft. This will lower your FPS output while maintaining the same level of recoil.

  • Achieve ~320 FPS with 0.2g BB @120psi (around 1 Joule)
  • Enjoy the same crispy recoil while lowering your power for CQB requirement(s)
  • Complies with new U.K. Airsoft regulations

Warning: this conversion is permanent; reversal is not possible.


Terms and Conditions

  • Queue and Wait Time
    • All upgrade and repair services are subject to a typical wait time of 10 business days upon receiving the gun and all parts. Repairs may be completed well before the estimated return date, or sometime after. 
      • More accurate time estimates available in store, queue status changes every day.
      • Special projects may take longer and wait times are given as part of the consultation process.
    • Rush jobs are taken at the discretion of our tech department and are subject to a rush fee of 50%. If a rush job was taken and could not be completed in the given timeline, a standard tech fee will be charged instead.
  • All upgrade services are subjected to 90 Days Repair Service Warranty. Refusal to follow upgrade recommendations may nullify our offer of warranty.
    • All tech work will be tested with at least 200 BBs to confirm functionality. Customers may request a shooting video or test the gun itself in store.
    • Any damage resulting from user error is not covered under warranty. Example:
    • User disassembly
    • Use of improper power supplies
    • Use of poor quality ammunition or magazines
    • BB jams caused by over-adjustment of hop up
    • Water damage
  • Magazines to be used for the gun should be provided to ensure compatibility with installed components
  • Initial estimates are subject to revision under unforeseen circumstances pertaining to parts compatibility and gun condition.
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Daytona Low Power Airshaft Conversion
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