Barrel Cut & Crown (Per Unit)
We cut and re-crown barrels using our lathe, we then deburr and inspect for machining errors and errors in our craftsmanship. Steel is slightly more expensive to work than brass because it is much harder. It takes more time to...
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Daytona Barrel Rhop Installation (Patch & Bucking Modification)
We will cut a patch of high-temperature silicone and install it to the barrel window, and ensure that it is flush. Hop up rubber modification as well as modifications to the screw and Sorbo nub installation are complimentary. Square cut hop...
from $79.95
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Daytona Fine Tuning & Break-in Service
Breaking in the Daytona gun with high-quality G&G PVC 0.28g BBs, to ensure the field ready status of Daytona Gun. Fine tuning eliminates alignment and inconsistency issues while optimizing performance and reliability. Price includes BB and lubrication consumption, as well as most wear...
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Daytona Gun System Maintenance Service (Per Unit)
Routine Maintenance for your Daytona Gun. -We take your gun apart completely to perform an overall system inspection. Checking every part to see if there are broken or heavily worn out components. -We thoroughly clean your gun and lube it...
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Daytona Installation Service
Daytona Gun Installation Service. -We will build trigger mods into your kit while applicable.-Require one AEG barrel (Must be made of either steel or brass). Professional installation service provides you with the precisely cut and drilling, to ensure the optimized performance & reliability...
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Daytona Lower Power Airshaft Conversion
Converting your standard airshaft to low power airshaft to lower your FPS output while maintaining the same level of recoil. - Achieving 320 FPS with 0.2g BB @120psi (Close to 1 Joule) -Enjoy the same crispy recoil while lower the...
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