GETSOME 1000 Supreme Lubricant (4oz Needle Bottle)

GetSome 1000
Maintenance Items

---Ship Internationally---

Best Lubrication for your Daytona system, gas blowback system, real steels and so much more!

Stop worrying about your O-ring, Get Some will definitely not damage anything! 

GETSOME 1000 is Long Lasting, Non-static, non-toxic, non-staining, non-conductive,  it will not dry out, gum up or turn gooey, non-halogenic, non-carcinogenic, LOW VOC, NO CFCs, safe on plastics, metals, paints, enamels, fiberglass, NO Residual Petroleum Odor.

Engineered with pharmaceutical grade machine oils and blended with the Newest Technology in High Friction Anti Wear and Anti Corrosive Additives.

Professional Grade, Commercial Grade, Industrial to Household Applications.

Green and Mean.

Exclusive Formula developed, designed and engineered to exceed industry standards for a multi-purpose lubricant.  Tested and approved by industry professionals.

GETSOME Product’s Staff has 40+ years of experience and expertise in developing, manufacturing and distributing lubricants and consumer goods.



NSF H-1 for use in Food Processing Areas. Registration #150203 (AEROSOL)

NSF H-1 for use in Food Processing Areas. Registration #150202 (LIQUID)

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GETSOME 1000 Supreme Lubricant (4oz Needle Bottle)
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