Z Custom Airsoft Works Gen 2 Magazine Follower (Pack of 5)
The problem with most AEG magazines is that the internal BB channels are double stack, while the followers are typically undersized single stack followers in order to go all the way to the top of the mag. Double stack sized...
Maple Armouries SuperFeed Series High Speed Replacement Magazine Springs (gen 2 w/ Heat Treating) (Pack of 3)
Maple Airsoft Supply’s SuperFeed series replacement high speed magazine springs are perfect match for AEG, GBB, and PTW platforms. These updated Generation 2 springs are heat treated to help retain their shape and avoid being crushed under their own weight....
PTS M4 150 Round Magazine (EPM) (Black/Tan) (Z Upgraded Follower) - Black
Z Custom Upgraded EPM Works for: -DG G&P WOC M4 series -DG VFC M4, M27 IAR, and HK416 series -DG WE M4 and HK416 series -DG WE PDW -DG WE Scar-L -DG WE MSK/ACR  -DG G&G L85 Series   These are standard...
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VFC HK417 120 Round Midcap Magazine
Polymer Build VFC HK417 AEG mag, with fake bullet pattern. Works for: -Daytona HK417 / G28 Paired with Z Custom follower for best feeding. *Upgrading with Z follower may need to rip fake bullet sticker.
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G&G GR25 120 Round Magazine(For ScarH & SR-25)
New 120rnd polymer midcap designed for GR25 / SR25. Compatible with: -Daytona M110 SASS or Sr-25 -Daytona Scar-H / MK17 Pair with Z custom follower for improved feeding.
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