Z Custom Airsoft Works Gen 2 Follower (Pack of 5)

Daytona Airsoft

The problem with most AEG magazines is that the internal BB channels are double stack, while the followers are typically undersized single stack followers in order to go all the way to the top of the mag. Double stack sized followers such as the Gen 1 followers would typically not go all the way to the top. Undersized followers cause excess friction and in some cases will cause straight up jams and BB deformation because they apply more pressure sideways than they do upward on bottom BB in the magazine. A proper double stack follower is wider and pushes the last two BBs upward.

To alleviate the aforementioned issues, these Gen 2 followers are double stacked but are designed with an articulated hinge and cutouts to allow it to feed all the way to the top of the magazine channel instead of leaving BBs in the magazine.

The decreased friction from using a properly designed follower eliminates the chance of having a follower related jam, and significantly reduces friction, thus increasing feeding speed. This is a must have upgrade for any high performance setup, especially those operating at high speeds or using heavy BBs.

Key Features:
-3D printed via SLS Nylon
-Double stacked follower design
-Properly calculated geometry for level pressure, reducing friction
-Softer angles to assist in feeding at the zipper lip in the magazine
-Articulated hinge allows the follower to navigate corners inside the magazine
-Longer than most double stacked followers in order to feed to the top of the magazine channel
-Cutouts on the side allow the follower to pass through the zipper at the top of the magazine channel
-Will fit in MOST double stacked AEG magazines
-Will feed the last BB out of the magazine in MOST magazines, depending on thickness of the shell at the lip

These followers are made to be a drop in fit for most AEG mags. The most you will have to do is cut off the circle loop at the top of your spring if your mag is of that design such as KA.

Installation Demo (Gen1):



Comparison video using PTS EPM inserts:



Hexmag with follower installed, 0.66g BBs (courtesy of Fobby):

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Z Custom Airsoft Works Gen 2 Follower (Pack of 5)
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